To the Best Friend I Never Knew I Had

To the Best Friend I Never Knew I Had

As an only child I spent a lot of time with my parents growing up, and to be honest my parents are really cool. Like really REALLY cool. My friends always told me they liked my parents, and I don’t blame them- they’re easy to like. They’re young, active, funny, loveable, attractive, and both extremely smart. The perfect match for each other as well. They are best friends who adore each other more and more every single day, and also the best parents I could ever ask for.


I was actually homeschooled in 5th grade so we were together A LOT. I didn’t mind it much though because we got along perfectly and we had fun things we liked to do together, like movies on the weekend, certain TV shows, going to church together, traveling, etc. They also supported me in every thing I did. Between spending hours taking me to practices and school, and making food for their extremely picky daughter, I definitely was a handful. They taught me how to be strong and independent, but caring and loving. There is a never-ending list of things I ought to thank them both for, and a thank you would simply not be enough.

Just like most teenagers, I got to an age where I didn’t think it was as cool to hang out with your parents all the time. I got distracted with frivolous things such as boys, drama, friends, IMG_4552.JPGmy appearance, and I stopped enjoying the time I had with them. I can imagine how much I frustrated my parents in that time of my life. Looking back, I knew they were trying to help me and lead me down a more successful and giving path in life but I thought I knew better than them. They watched me get my heart broken by society’s standards, by boys, and myself because I wouldn’t listen to them. I was leading myself down a long road of hurt and unrealistic expectations. In high school it only got worse as I surrounded myself with friends who loved to party, and I just wanted to fit in with them; this was probably the most painful part of my growth process as I continued falling in with the wrong crowd and further from my family.

I fought with my mom a lot and about every single thing. You name it, we fought about it. About the boys I liked, the decisions I made, the things I wore, the make up I had, the friends I spent time with, and about who I was becoming. I regret so much of it. I know I probably hurt her more than I know because I know now that moms truly want the best for their kids. My poor father would have to make us apologize and talk to each other because neither of us could bring ourselves to do it.

Senior year hit and it hit me hard. I lost a lot of friends and I realized soon that I was leaving out-of-state for college and very soon. A majority of me was extremely excited but I was terrified too. You bet my mom helped me with every small detail of preparing for college even though she knew she was soon going to be an empty nester. And when my parents dropped me off freshman year, I started crying immediately. Being left by your parents in an unfamiliar place with slightly unfamiliar people was kinda hard for me, but since they dropped me off, they have been there for me through every tough practice, challenging semester, and changing phases in my life.

As a junior in college who is trying to figure out life, all I want is my mom a majority of the time. I almost never get homesick but I do IMG_1521.JPGmiss my parents like crazy, and often, even as I get older. The harder life hits me, the harder it is to get back up, but dang does my mother know the right things to say. She knows me probably better than herself. She also knows where food is in certain aisles in grocery stores (I may have called her a few times to ask in desperation). My
mom knows what food will make me feel better when I’m sick and what to wear when I go on a date. My mother is truly the best friend I never know I had, or would ever have. I regret how I acted when I was younger and for not appreciating her like she deserves to be appreciated.

My mother is truly the best friend I never knew I had, or would ever have.

My mom is the most beautiful woman in the entire world to me, and someone I aspire to be like. She is giving, determined, strong-willed, and a great friend to all of those who surround her. If you have ever met my mom, I am sure you can totally agree to this- she’s so incredible in a thousand ways.

I hope that if you’re reading this, that you don’t take your mom for granted, and all the things she does for you and gives up for you. I also hope you don’t make the same mistakes I did; enjoy the time you get with your mom because in the end, the relationships we have, and the people we love is the most important thing we have in life. Even just a few things will make her entire week:

  • A quick call or text to say you appreciate her.
  • Gift card for her to treat her self.
  • Pick up some flowers for her.
  • Make dinner for her or go out to dinner with her.
  • Spending quality time with her.

Moms can sometimes be the most underrated people, but they incredible people. So thank you, my dear mother, for everything you have done for me and continue to do for me. I owe you so much and I really hope I can be as awesome as you some day. Never take your mom for granted. IMG_3751.JPG


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  • This is such an inspiring and truthful post!!! I have a very similar relationship with my mom and value it very much 🙂 I haven’t met your mom yet, but she seems like an awesome lady! good work!

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