8 Bible Verses To Get You Through The Week

Each week brings its own troubles and joys, but more often than not, do I get caught up with the bad “stuff”. You know, those problems that make you want to crawl back into bed to avoid real life. I tend to get overwhelmed and frustrated easily. One negative thing piles on another, and soon I am stuck in a rut of just going through the day to get it over with. Sometimes I find myself looking forward to the weekend too much, and I end up missing out on the blessings the present time gives. Any day of the week can really exhaust me with due dates, responsibilities, commitments, or school work- I start to mentally check out after the tough stuff is over, and just pray I make it to my bed that night or to my short break of a weekend. Read more “8 Bible Verses To Get You Through The Week”


6 Truths About Tough Times

One second you’re standing in the shallows of the beach, enjoying the salty air and the warmth of the ocean, but before you know it your feet are wiped out under you and you’re sucked into the current. You’re so caught off guard,  and you struggle to get air, so you cry out but no one is there. You try harder but somehow you feel like you drown faster. It takes you over and it seems hopeless. What you never thought could happen, happened to you. Life happened. Read more “6 Truths About Tough Times”


Healthy Breakfasts You’ll Love

Cooking is something I have recently fallen in love with, and I have no regrets about this relationship. Between wanting to learn how to cook for myself, and being exhausted with food offered at dining halls, I found that cooking for yourself is satisfying and for the most part, really fun. I’ve really enjoyed learning new recipes and sharing them with friends and family, and I have also loved learning from my friends. Read more “Healthy Breakfasts You’ll Love”


To the Best Friend I Never Knew I Had

As an only child I spent a lot of time with my parents growing up, and to be honest my parents are really cool. Like really REALLY cool. My friends always told me they liked my parents, and I don’t blame them- they’re easy to like. They’re young, active, funny, loveable, attractive, and both extremely smart. The perfect match for each other as well. They are best friends who adore each other more and more every single day, and also the best parents I could ever ask for. Read more “To the Best Friend I Never Knew I Had”


Two of Me, Two of You

Two of Me

I see two versions of myself when I look in the mirror, and honestly neither seem good enough to society. When I say I see two of me, I see the athletic version of me and the version of me that wants to be successful and pretty in society’s eyes. Both of which are at constant war with each other. In an article by Eating Disorder Hope, the website states that athletes have two body images—one in sport and one outside of sport and athletes experience body image issues in one or both contexts. Research shows that this is common among female athletes and even male athletes at times. Athletes are under extreme pressures from outside sources which also battle with pressures we hold ourselves too within. Pressures create struggle or pain, and sometimes self-harm stemming from thoughts of expectations. As an athlete we are supposed to be powerful and strong. As women in society we are supposed to be beautiful, feminine, and put together. Read more “Two of Me, Two of You”


Little City Brunchies

Brunch has my heart. Especially brunch in the South, where the customer service comes with a smile, and the food is made with pure love (and lots of butter I’m sure). I always seek out brunch places, because brunch food never fails to make me happy. Sunday brunch specifically has become a tradition for me and I love to bring my friends and family along with me as we douse ourselves in foods that make your tummy full and satisfied. I find it perfect to have Sunday brunch right after church, where you can go with some friends and enjoy a meal together, and of course thanking God for it. Read more “Little City Brunchies”