Little City Brunchies

Little City Brunchies

Brunch has my heart. Especially brunch in the South, where the customer service comes with a smile, and the food is made with pure love (and lots of butter I’m sure). I always seek out brunch places, because brunch food never fails to make me happy. Sunday brunch specifically has become a tradition for me and I love to bring my friends and family along with me as we douse ourselves in foods that make your tummy full and satisfied. I find it perfect to have Sunday brunch right after church, where you can go with some friends and enjoy a meal together, and of course thanking God for it.

Athens is full of incredible places to eat, and I am sure I have not even made a dent in the incredible restaurants in Athens, however one little place stands out to me. It’s called Little City Diner, and it is the cutest little place I have ever seen. Little City is located in Winterville, GA, just outside of Athens and is a hidden gem in my opinion. Their homepage on their website even states,

“Little City Diner serves up delicious food using quality ingredients inspired by Southern recipes and home-cooked meals”

Now how can you resist that?!


Little City Diner is tucked away, but on Sundays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm you can get your fill of southern brunch (and even Jacob Eason does). On the side of their restaurant they have a cute painting that only encourages you and your friends to take pictures in front of it (we may or may not have done this). When you walk inside, you’re welcomed by warmth and smells that I swear only come from Heaven itself. My eyes usually tend to be bigger than my stomach, but I never fail to attempt to eat all the food I order for myself. The menu is filled with breakfast goodies such as omlettes, pancakes, ┬ábiscuits, and a la carte options.

Their pancakes are so thick and filling, that one pancake can truly satisfy your craving for pancakes. I also love to get an egg platter, with scrambled eggs, a fluffy, crispy biscuit, potatoes that have amazing seasonings, and a side of bacon. I always bring my meal together with a nice warm cup of coffee, and they let customers choose from a variety of homey, unique mugs.

Chocolate chip pancakes, loaded with stawberries and bacon.
The egg plate featuring a soft biscut with breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs.

This little place never fails to give me amazing memories, and it always satisfies my “brunchies”. My friends and family love it, and I can easily say I will keep coming back for my Sunday brunches.

My friend Jordyn and I enjoying our coffee with Little City’s cute mugs.


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