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A College Student’s Honest Review of HelloFresh: Week 1

Time has become increasingly precious in today’s society because we are always busy, always on the go. We have managed to pack our days full with work, meetings, school, sports, and social time. As a student, I spend hours in class and doing homework every day, and as a student-athlete, I spent 20+ hours training, working out, and traveling each week. Not to mention the extra requirements of helping with recruiting, team bonding, and the activities of the average college student. Most nights I will get about 6-7 hours of sleep if I’m lucky. So when am I supposed to take the time to do meal planning and grocery shopping? Read more “A College Student’s Honest Review of HelloFresh: Week 1”


Healthy Breakfasts You’ll Love

Cooking is something I have recently fallen in love with, and I have no regrets about this relationship. Between wanting to learn how to cook for myself, and being exhausted with food offered at dining halls, I found that cooking for yourself is satisfying and for the most part, really fun. I’ve really enjoyed learning new recipes and sharing them with friends and family, and I have also loved learning from my friends. Read more “Healthy Breakfasts You’ll Love”


Little City Brunchies

Brunch has my heart. Especially brunch in the South, where the customer service comes with a smile, and the food is made with pure love (and lots of butter I’m sure). I always seek out brunch places, because brunch food never fails to make me happy. Sunday brunch specifically has become a tradition for me and I love to bring my friends and family along with me as we douse ourselves in foods that make your tummy full and satisfied. I find it perfect to have Sunday brunch right after church, where you can go with some friends and enjoy a meal together, and of course thanking God for it. Read more “Little City Brunchies”