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Give Me Jesus When I Need It Most

Who I am vs. Who I Want To Be

Every day I struggle with being the person I wish I was, and being a person that wants to divulge into the materialistic desires of the world. I wish I was skinnier, smarter, more artistic, more driven, less clumsy, less of a failure. Struggles and fears stare me down in the mirror every single day. I meet people who make my heartache or that I just can’t stand, and I often wonder what kind of world we live in. Read more “Give Me Jesus When I Need It Most”


Changing Directions

Having a job, sport, opportunity, or relationship taken away from you is extremely undesirable. Finding yourself in a place you never expected¬†isn’t easy to take in. You find yourself having to change directions a bit because the path you planned on taking has ended. Even though we all know life almost never goes according to the plans WE make, we still dream and plan anyways, not taking the time to consider any roadblocks that might come up. And yes, when those roadblocks happen or those plans crash and burn with our daydreams, we are shocked. That’s life. Unpredictable. Unfair. Read more “Changing Directions”


In the Meantime

What do you do when there is nothing you can do?

Life took an unexpected turn for the worst and things changed suddenly. Maybe it’s a call bearing bad news, or a relationship ending. What do you do when you look around and you feel stranded? There is no way for you to change your circumstances and you find yourself in a season of life where it is what it is. Read more “In the Meantime”


8 Bible Verses To Get You Through The Week

Each week brings its own troubles and joys, but more often than not, do I get caught up with the bad “stuff”. You know, those problems that make you want to crawl back into bed to avoid real life. I tend to get overwhelmed and frustrated easily. One negative thing piles on another, and soon I am stuck in a rut of just going through the day to get it over with. Sometimes I find myself looking forward to the weekend too much, and I end up missing out on the blessings the present time gives. Any day of the week can really exhaust me with due dates, responsibilities, commitments, or school work- I start to mentally check out after the tough stuff is over, and just pray I make it to my bed that night or to my short break of a weekend. Read more “8 Bible Verses To Get You Through The Week”