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3 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Emergency Savings

Before you ask, yes, EVERYONE needs emergency savings. Including you. I recently turned 24 (woohoo!) and I am proud to say that I have been steadily working on my emergency savings account. My dad is a Certified Financial Planner, and my parents have been instilling this into my brain for [...]

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Unpacking My Part in Your Pain

Being a part of someone’s pain is real and the worst. I think if I lacked the desire to be truly transparent I would name this post “To the One That I Hurt”. I highly doubt that many people want to admit they have hurt more than one person, let [...]

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Body Image Issues in Athletes Are Very Real

Body image issues among athletes are real. Body image conversations are sensitive and they are hard. However, they are super necessary and these issues are real. I know this because I struggle with it myself and so do my teammates. So do athletes everywhere. I see two versions of myself [...]

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