meet megan kingsley

Hi friends, I am glad you are here!

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin! I started blogging for a marketing class project during my undergrad at the University of Georgia. Soon I realized that I wanted to share relatable content because I knew I wasn’t the only one going through tough situations. My first big blog post was talking about the pressure of female athletes and their bodies and I was BLOWN away by how many girls related to that!! During my junior and senior years I underwent multiple big knee surgeries. Then in 2019 I was hit by a car during the worst possible time. Additionally I have experienced anxiety, depression, struggled with my body image, got caught up in the wrong crowd, and a lot of other real stuff that people go through. I am human!

However I have overcome a LOT because of my faith and the people that surround me. During tough times and transitions in a life full of unknowns, my family and my friends have truly been my biggest blessings and adventures. My fiance is my best friend and my family means everything to me. I am so lucky to be around incredible people.

Through the anxiety, fears, brokenness, I found Jesus and a whole lot of faith. I also found community, mentors, and just great people. After I recovered from tough situations, I wanted to share my story and positivity with those around me in my community. I have found passion in loving and helping others, creating new recipes, and I am truly a new person!

I am learning how to be better at marketing, how to cook, and just how to navigate through the ups and downs of just being a human. Feel free to cry with me, laugh with me, cook AMAZING food with me, and to enjoy life with me!! Let’s love the good Man Upstairs, those around us, and the delicious food we can eat.

– Meg