Saved by God's grace

About Me

Hello, you! This is me. My name is Megan Kingsley and welcome to my website! To my friends I am know as Megs, King, or Kingsley, but I am well known as Megan Marie to my family. This site is a way for me to share my never-ending thoughts while also hopefully being relatable, wise, and encouraging to someone. I want to express who I am by being as transparent and authentic as possible with posts and pictures to share with the whole world (or maybe it’s just my parents that read this website…). So more about me.

I am a 21 year old, small-but-mighty swimmer for the UGA swim team, living out my life in Athens, GA, surrounded by the most incredible people. I have made mistakes, messed up, failed, fallen, but I am God’s unique and quirky daughter, and He makes zero mistakes. But I am fun and full of life and love. I crave adventures, love people, drink expensive coffee, am obsessed with pizza, and spending time with those who make me laugh is what keeps me going. I’ve been through hell and back with many challenges in my life, but I am constantly reminded of the blessings I have surrounding me every moment of my life.

I’ll probably talk a lot about swimming and my friends (because both of those are awesome), about finding God and a purpose in life, my deep & crazy feelings, and maybe even pizza and where to get the best coffee in Athens. If you choose to read my posts, I hope you feel compelled, enlightened, or maybe you even cracked a smile. Hey, and if you feel lost, just keep going.